Sylvan provides a new breed of consulting services that have been tested and proven in the real-world, on complex system development efforts.   Through a series of proprietary best-practices, Sylvan has the demonstrable experience to lead or participate in every phase of the application development life cycle, while leveraging Sylvan’s unique experiences in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and unrivalled approach to offshore development. 


Based on the in-depth business acumen of its senior resources, Sylvan has the unique ability to provide for the rapid development of both business and technical requirements, in the form of use-cases that are tied back to the statements given by the business.  Our approach focuses on extracting the “Happy Path” requirements, while paying close attention to the identified “edge cases” as part of the iterative requirements gathering process.

System Architecture and Design

Reuse, scalability, and maintainability must be kept top of mind when designing and architecting new software.  The only way to guarantee the usability and longevity of a system is to involve resources who “have been there and done that before”, which only comes from experience in the trenches.  Sylvan employs only seasoned resources with unparalleled qualifications and skills.

Artificial Intelligence

AI means many things to many people, encompassing Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Orchestration, and Robotic Process Automation.  Based on its extensive experience, Sylvan takes a real-world approach to embedding AI within applications where it makes good business to do so.  This is not AI for the sake of AI, but automation for the sake of saving time and effort, while supporting the end-user in making better decisions.

Offshore Development

Offshoring has been around for years and has been met with mixed results. Sylvan has cracked the code on making offshore development teams as productive as local development teams, while operating at half of the cost.  We have development teams that code and test user stories as fast or faster than their local counterparts, while maintaining or exceeding the desired levels of quality.

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