Formed in 2007, with its founding partners coming from Big-5 consultancies and top-tier service providers, Sylvan Advisory & Consulting LLC. represents a unique mix of advisory and consulting experiences, coupled with deep industry and technical knowledge. With its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and development centers in Bangalore, India, coupled with its history of having conducted business in more than 43 countries, Sylvan is well-positioned as a premier provider of value-added services.


At Sylvan Advisory, our mission is to provide innovative approaches to optimizing your business through the implementation of technologies, in a way that enables you to increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs; so that you can display demonstrable value to stakeholders.


As part of our unique approach, Sylvan only employs seasoned resources who have significant real-world experience in delivering end-to-end, full life-cycle solutions. We assign experienced team members, who stay with you throughout the entire journey, with the understanding that sometimes we lead the way, sometimes we influence the way, and sometimes we follow your lead. 


Sylvan represents a new breed of advisory and consulting services company that has combined strategic business advise with innovative application development services.  While this conflation of services appears to be intuitively obvious, Sylvan is one of the few service providers that has the proven ability to ideate a meaningful business strategy and then bring it to life in the form of a working system. 



Sylvan is a boutique advisory and consulting firm that has the heritage to extend past the traditionally, self-imposed constraints.  By virtue of our market success, we have the unparalleled ability to dedicate our talents to only those engagements that will truly deliver meaningful results to our clients.  As such, our preferred operating model includes our cognitive decision to make a strategic investment in each of our clients, by directly tying our compensation to our performance. Based on our extensive global knowledge, keen business acumen, and history of prior performance, we prefer to engage with our clients on a risk/reward basis, by aligning our compensation with the attainment of the promised business results.



Sylvan’s team is made up of senior-level resources, each equipped with considerable practical experience.  Due to the importance and nature of our work activities, we do not employ junior-level advisors or consultants. The backgrounds of our team members include successful careers at highly regarded advisory and application development firms.

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