Sylvan provides a new breed of advisory services that leverages our proven ability to extract the hidden value from your business’ end-to-end processes, by applying truly innovative techniques and technologies. Through a series of proprietary best-practices and the use of automated tools, Sylvan has the demonstrable ability to Extend, Enhance, Enrich, and Empower you to accomplish your business objectives, as well as provide you with unbiased Expert advice. 


Are you ready to extend your reach into untapped markets or need to identify an acquisition candidate that compliments your existing products and/or services? When top-line growth is the ultimate goal, advisors from Sylvan can guide you through developing an innovative Go-To-Market Strategy, engaging Channel Partners, and/or Commercializing embedded components of your business operation. Sylvan is experienced in performing Due Diligence on merger and acquisition candidates, as well as facilitating the development of strategic Joint Ventures.


Reaching “steady-state” or “business-as-usual”, is not always a good thing. The market is constantly changing, which means that conducting business-as-usual is essentially a downward spiral toward dysfunction. When you think you have reached a point of stasis, and are unsure how to reinvent your organization, consider changing your suppliers by going through a Vendor Selection process, formally optimizing your Supply Chain, Integrating desperate entities, revamping your Program Management or Vendor Management offices, Transitioning services to alternate providers or back in-house, Back sourcing, or Reengineering your broken business processes.


When you are ready to take the next step toward enriching the bottom-line of the Company, and are willing to take on those highly-charged, game-changing business decisions; you are ready to consider the costs and benefits associated with Outsourcing, developing a Shared Services Center, establishing a Center of Excellence, deploying an in-house Captive Center, or entering into a Built-Operate-Transfer scenario.


When difficult times are imminent, and leadership decisions must be taken in order to restore the company to a controlled and manageable market position, it is time to consider revamping your Corporate Strategy, planning for a Liquidity event, preparing to enter and emerge from Bankruptcy, or Restructuring the company.


When conflicts arise you are well-advised to leverage the experience of a proven provider that can deliver real-world insights to complex problems. Whether evaluating the prospect of enlisting the use of a new technology (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data) or navigating through a legal battle (e.g. Copyright infringement, Trade Secret violation, Breach of Contract), it is important to gain the perspective of an unbiased third-party.

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